Fall Reflection and Evaluation

Reflection and evaluation

Review your images and summary on your blog of your "finished experiment" prototype from the end of last semester. If you haven't posted enough, this is your chance to catch up.

Then post:

  • What was the strongest component of your prototype?

  • What was the weakest component of your prototype?

  • List the areas in your thesis concept to further explore for:

    • a) interaction

    • b) design

    • c) technical

  • What are existing attributes of your thesis concept to further refine and iterate?

  • What new areas have you not yet explored that are really essential? If they're not essential, can you rule them out to simplify your path moving forward?

  • In thinking about the user's experience what phases have you overly focused on? What parts of the experience have gone under-explored?

As you consider the above list, identify which aspects are more beneficial as a research investigation or prototyping investigation.

Azucena Roma