Project Plan

As I move forward I've made a breakdown the areas I'll need to focus on for the remainder of the semester:

Brand Guidelines: This is an important element because part of the problem I'm solving for involves the shifting the overall tone and feelings usually associated with EOL and those conveyed by products in the EOL space.

  • Personality - The overall personality of the brand that will be conveyed.

  • Traits - A list of specific feelings that the brand conveys.

  • Interaction Methods - How the interactivity of the site will convey this personality? (questions, humor, animation, tips, responsive layouts, etc)

  • Visual Language

    • Logo, Typography, Color Palette, Images, Iconography

Content: This is the meat of the project. Without the appropriate language, I won't be able to convey the brand's personality or demystifying the EOL paperwork process for the user.

  • Scriptwriting

  • In-person conversations

  • I will use typeform prototypes, paper prototypes, and role playing to test and iterate upon:

    • Tone/Voice perceived by language used

    • Amount of Information Provided, too little, too much, just right?

    • Appropriate use of EOL terminology

User Experience

  • User Flows: personas, goals, context, steps to get to goal, prioritize.

  • Site Map

  • Rough Sketches to capture ideas/functionality: prioritize content, determining call to actions for each page.

    • Sort Hierarchy of need for each page

    • Reveal needed functionality and content

    • Highlight upcoming layout issues

    • Allow basic usability testing.

  • Clean up wireframes - content focusing, identify Logical break points

  • Clickable sketches (linked pngs)

  • Testing: give context, watch user use layout. ask neutral questions (which of these two versions do you prefer?, ask "why")




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