Product Life Cycle

  • Product Lifecycle

    • Write out your idea/product lifecycle

    • E.g. a cook engaging with a new cooking app might be:

      • Planning / Shopping / Cooking / Eating / Sharing

    • Some aspects can be before/after actual interaction with product

      • Think about what that means and how it ties together

    • Will your product be integral to each phase? Is it weak in any phase? Is it unnecessary in any phase?

      • What can you leave out? What is it critical to be a part of?


  • What would you like your next prototype to achieve?

    • List all features you want it to have

    • List level of fidelity for every aspect you want to have by this point

    • List types of testing you will be able to do with it

    • You can also list things not about functionality, for example, something personal for your own development/process

    • Next milestone: Competitive Audit due Feb 12

    • Next milestone: Prototype v1 Complete Proof of Concept due Feb 26

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