Decision Making Criteria List

Decision Making Criteria List

Continuing along the path of reflection, we were given an assignment to draft a two-part list of criteria for evaluating our ideas and to assist in decision making. 

  1. User needs  are the user needs and design criteria uncovered over the course of your research to date

  2. Personal needs are the attributes/interests/ambitions that relate to you as a designer, and thesis student.

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After comparing the two lists, I'm concerned with my personal need to develop something physical and/or something using a voice interface. This is because for me personally, I find more meaning imbedded in something tactile vs digital. This is something I've struggled with as I try to balance between what it means to be a designer versus being an artist. As an artist I have always been driven by emotions and how to express those through a tangible medium. As a designer I'm empathetic to the emotions of the user and then driven by the pain points preventing them from achieving their needs. As I move forward in trying to find an alternate to using a screen based solution I have to be sure that my users needs are coming before mine. 

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