Concept Statement / Value Proposition

Thesis Concept Statement / Value Proposition

This is your first draft of a concise summary of your thesis idea. Value propositions are a helpful tool to synthesize the essence of your thesis concept into three categories: user, offering and benefits.

Come to class with 3 different variations of a value proposition for your best idea so far. The below form is adapted from Geoffrey Moore's marketing classic Crossing the Chasm, but this statement does not have to have commercial/market goals in mind. You will iterate on this again after labs on use cases and competitor analyses.

    • {Product name} is  for {target audience} who are/wants {need}, {product name}  is a {specific market category}  that {key benefit} unlike {competition product name] is {unique differentiator}


FOR type enthusiasts WHO need to learn and use fonts, "TYPEY" IS A typeface encyclopedia THAT is enthusiast-generated. UNLIKE MyFonts, TYPEY is crowd-sourced and community-driven.

Alternate form:

TYPEY is a crowd-sourced typeface encyclopedia website for type enthusiasts who need to learn and use fonts. Unlike MyFonts, TYPEY is enthusiast-generated and community-driven.


Out of the _________ I played around with, I felt that these were the strongest to bring to class for review:

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
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