Next Up

Next Up

Designing an app for instant gladification.

Next Up is a mobile app designed to quickly connect you with nearby experiences tailored to your mood.

Next Up is where planning meets spontaneity. Using NextUp travelers and urbanites on-the-go can easily connect with nearby experiences that match their immediate mood and interests while avoiding the anxiety of choice overload.

Our research showed that planning for fun often ends up feeling like work. Using existing apps and websites to delve into ratings and reviews is time-consuming and detracts from the novelty and excitement of having a spontaneous experience. Using research, competitive analysis, and innovation, we developed Next Up as a simple and fun tool to facilitate faster decision making in planning your next adventure. 

Product Design · UI · UX 

5 Weeks, 2017 March – April

Tyler Gumb, Wei Ting Kuo, Ashley Jang, Azucena Romá

Josh Musick (United Technologies)
John Leonard (Frog)




During on-boarding users are prompted to select a mood that resonates with what they would like to do at the current moment. 

Based on the user's mood, NextUp generates a batch of 10 easily accessible options based on GPS location. 



Events on the carousel screen feature large images with minimal information, such as price and distance for each event.

If a user is not interested in an event they can simply swipe down for "meh," which will remove it from their options pool.



If a user is interest in an event, they can delve into the detail pages and view Instagram images to get a feel for the event and venue ambiance. If they are interested in selecting that event,  the app will bring them directly to google maps showing the fastest route to fun.

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If the user swipes "meh" to their first batch of 10 event options. NextUp will do a check-in with the user to help deter infinite scrolling. While the user can bypass the check-in, it is highly discouraged by the app.