Next Up


Innovating an event discovery tool for instant gladification.

Planning and preparation for fun often ends up feeling like work. Existing apps and websites send users on an endless journey through subjective ratings and reviews, turning what would have been a spontaneous adventure it into a stressful task. The main challenge for this project was discovering the right balance between helping users find events of interest without detracting from the feeling of excitement. Using research, competitive analysis, and rapid prototyping, we developed a speculative mobile app called NextUp.

NextUp as a simple and fun tool to facilitate faster decision-making to get you to your next adventure. Designed for the on-demand economy, NextUp connects travelers and urbanites on-the-go with nearby experiences based on mood, interests, and GPS location. The small batch, curated content and check-in features help users to avoid choice overload.

UX/UI · Product Design · Mobile App

5 Weeks, 2017 March – April

Tyler Gumb, Wei Ting Kuo, Ashley Jang, Azucena Romá

Faculty Advisors—
Josh Musick, United Technologies and John Leonard, Frog

Ideation, User Research, Content Strategy, Usability Testing



NextUp is a concept for a mobile app seamlessly connecting travelers and urbanites on-the-go with nearby experiences based on their mood, interests, and GPS location.



In Your Feelings?


During our research we found that people have a lot of different interests in the types of events they attend, however its not the content of the event that is their main motivator. Depending on their mood, they don't always feel like to going to events they might have otherwise enjoyed.

NextUp takes this into account during onboarding, presenting a day and night mode with mood filters upon opening the app. So whether a user is feeling flirty, hangry, or gothy, NextUp can curate a limited batch of content that resonates with their immediate state of mind. 


Curated Content

Users said they were experiencing anxiety and choice overload on review sites and apps. They found themselves getting caught up in reviews and decision-making for filters.

NextUp provides users with a batch of ten experiences based on mood, time of day, and GPS location. Events are displayed on a swipe carousel, so that a user can quickly go through their options.

Each screen features one large image that presents enough visual information to assess ambiance and features minimal information that users said they prioritize in their decision making - price and ease of access.


Process Of Elimination

Users said they can identify the experiences they don't want before they can identify what they do want.

To facilitate easier decision making, NextUp focuses on removing unwanted options. When a user taps the screen a “Meh” appears, if they aren't interested in an event a quick swipe down, reducing their pool of options.



If a user finds themselves swiping "meh" to their first batch of options, NextUp will provide a snarky check-in to help deter infinite scrolling. Users can then have NextUp generate a new batch of options, change their mood.



Full case study coming soon…