An Initial Soul Offering.

Decentralized applications promise self-sovereign identity, decentralized governance, prediction markets, global access to finance, and other planetary paradigm shifts. But when you look closer, the ecosystem is still young. Technology remains amoral, and each new innovation has it’s dark side. Looking past the wild speculation surrounding blockchain, HODLism: An Initial Soul Offering is an investigation into the foundations of blockchain technology in relation to religion.

Invited to be a part of the 2018 Ethereal Summit, HODLism: An Initial Soul Offering invited visitors to pray to Father Satoshi at an altar to decentralization. Each prayer was algorithmically converted into a private key used in an attempt to unlocking Satoshi’s wallets in an endeavor to reveal the chosen one.

interaction · spatial · blockchain

Tyler Gumb, Nour Malaeb, Azucena Romá

Concept, Creative Direction, Research, Installation Design

Press —
Vice News, Wired, Forbes, Motherboard


Is this technology creating a new religion?




One of the most valued offerings of the Blockchain is high-level transparency. As soon as information is stored onto the blockchain it becomes immutable, where it can never be altered or deleted. Focusing on transparent transactions, as a prayer was entered into the terminal it was automatically converted into a hash then shared via LED strips to all. All participants involved agreed to this transparency, which instilled mutual trust into the experience.

You hold too much power in something and what for?
I pray for the decentralized economy to spread the wealth of the world more evenly
This is kinda fucked up hey.
Forgiveness and the absolution of our sins.
I pray that the music artists take the bold leap and part ways with Ticketmaster and the likes so that music can be enjoyed.
Never move the coins.